motion lab

What is the health skills motion lab?

  • • Comprehensive slow motion video analysis performed by Physiotherapists using state of the art video capture and video analysis software to evaluate the biomechanics of your sport performance.

Why Us?

  • • Most video analysis is conducted with cameras capable of capturing 30 – 60 frames per second. The health skills motion lab uses a state of the art camera that captures movement at 240 frames per second.
  • • We use simply awesome video analysis software designed for everyone from the weekend warrior to the high performance athlete.
  • • Identifying biomechanical faults and opportunities to improve performance requires analysis by a movement expert. Physiotherapists are highly-educated movement specialists that have an advanced knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system, biomechanics, rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercise.

Who should have a slow motion video analysis?

  • • Are you experiencing injury related to your exercise program or sport?
  • • Would you like to improve your sport performance?

Our Comprehensive Motion Analysis Evaluation will be conducted over two sessions and includes:

  • • Detailed review of sport or exercise history and injury
  • • Neuromusculoskeletal evaluation
  • • Video capture and analysis of your sport biomechanics
  • • Customized program for injury treatment and recovery
  • • Therapeutic exercises to address impairments
  • • Training program modifications

Can’t come to the clinic?

Ask about our Mobile Motion Lab! We can come to your facility to perform analysis where you move!

Fee schedule for motion analysis

Approx. 90 minutes over two sessions: $180.00

Team or group?

Ask about a group rate!